Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kids - warning some bad language.

So as we all know by now. I am 25 and female. What may not be known is that I am in a long time relationship with a wonderful man. Here is what bothers me. All the time from different sides of our families we get asked the ultimate question. "When are you guys going to have kids?" I personally have never liked kids. Babysitting was a potential nightmare to me where I just wanted to smother the little bastard just enough that he would go to sleep. (This particular child stayed up until 4am and mom and dad didn't tell me they would be out that effing late. Midnight they said, I was pissed!) On the flip side I love my niece, until she starts to be a little a-hole. As she gets older that has been going away also we live crazy far away so I get to miss her. Haven't even met my nephew yet at almost 10mos (at writing this) he is more or less just bothering his parents who probably need a nap. My boyfriend wants them at some point and I am still on the fence about them. While kids can be cute in the short term they are terrible for everything that is the planet and a huge fucking responsibility that we are just not ready for. You can't tell my grandparents that though, they called me old and told me I only had a few years left....... 25. So on how kids are a strain on the environment. 1. If you are lazy (most people are) you will use disposable diapers. Those diapers take 500 years to break down. There has been some hope for the lazy people as scientists have engineered a mushroom that will break them down in two months. Okay that's great lets get those to work in our landfills. Yes there are of course other alternatives for the less lazy but for now this is what I am discussing. 2. There are 7 billion people on the planet right now! Seriously 7 billion. How long can we sustain that level of people on the planet. Has anyone reading this even considered that? The pope makes littering a sin but 19 kids and counting is somehow a blessing? It is a vagina, not a clown car. Have what you can financially care for and stop. 3. Kids for some reason require a lot of shit to make them happy safe and comfy. Most people's response to that, buy an SUV! A four door sedan and limiting things to what the kid actually needs (not wants or not what you want) is the biggest upgrade you should ever have to do. 10 mpg is not worth being able to take a whole bunch of shit you don't need everywhere. I don't know I may want them some day but for now they feel like little jerkier version of yourself that follows you around and needs you to do everything for them until they can do it themselves and even then may need you to bail them out both literally and figuratively. We shall see in a few years. Until then don't ask when I am going to have kids. There isn't even a ring on my left hand yet.

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