Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rabble rabble rabble.

My first post. This is going to be more of a journal but since I am a crazy person when it comes to the environment I will include my musings on all things "green". This week has been an interesting one. I went with my mom to visit my grandparents. We helped clean and cook and set them up for a while. They continue to bother me to have kids. For the record kids aren't really my cup of tea, maybe one day but my newly 25 year old ass isn't interested yet. I have a fur child for now they can enjoy pictures of their great gran-cat. Some things were interesting while visiting, some sad, some made me want to vomit. The interesting was getting closer to my mom over movies. Howl's Moving Castle is one of my faves. <3 The sad, both of my grandparents may have Alzheimer's. They are beginning to show some of the early signs and will be tested soon. I worry because their doctor's believe that they may have it. If they were just getting tested as part of the old age package of things to worry about then I wouldn't worry or be sad. I wouldn't even think about it. We will know eventually so for right now I am trying to find other things to occupy my mind with. So while there I was doing some cleaning. I was forced to use their lung destroying products and being sensitive to anything you breathe in, I am severely allergic to anything scented - I stop breathing. I was using something to clean a bathroom and coughed for so long and hard that I almost lost my voice! That really annoys me. Partly because my mom won't let me use anything "green" because she doesn't think they clean the same. *rolls eyes. They clean better! W/e I have to get her onto simple green and method and other products that are great. While researching these products to show her I ran across something disgusting. Proctor and Gamble use animal testing still! WTF stop it already. Get on the good for the environment and animal bandwagon! Who is running their PR? Do they not know what most people want is better for the environment and cruelty - free without any effort!? Clearly they have lost touch with the consumer. I have set up a petition to let them know that they will lose customers if they don't fix this. Here is the petition Well good night its 1 am my time.
Crazy Environmentalist out!

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